Frequently Asked Questions 

1. We ship everything USPS. Your order will be in the mail within 1-3 days of receiving your order. Since we don’t control the efficiency of the postal service, we say BE PATIENT. If you haven’t gotten your package within two weeks, contact us and we will find your postman, give him some choice words, and make things right.

2. Yes, if you live near Chicago you can arrange to pick up your order. How? Well, that’s just one of our little personal touches. Christopher will meet you at a local coffee shop. He will be the weirdo air-drumming in the corner.

3. Yes, we do accept submission inquiries. Before we even get started on the guidelines understand this – Deadxstop Publishing is a company. One that is solely responsible for keeping on the electricity and food in the refrigerator. You might have written the greatest story of all time but if there isn’t an audience out there willing to support your endeavor, odds are, we will not be able to publish your book. I mean, it’s not that we wouldn’t want to. We even did this in our past. Unfortunately, we lost thousands of dollars on our blinding idealism and apparently that’s bad for business.



1. The book’s title must be clearly stated at the top of the query letter.

2. The letter should then discuss the following: the book’s content, its anticipated length, its intended audience, and any promotional ideas and contacts the author may have.

3. Attach the first three chapters.

4. If the author has previously been published, please list credits.

5. The inquiry should include all links to social media platforms.

6. We do not publish poetry or first time fiction. We will also not publish authors with a small social media fanbase.

7. We accept submissions by email only. Send to – DxsPubCo@gmail.com

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