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A Thousand First Dates – 101 Stories On Dating, Relationships, And Break-ups


So, what happens when you sign up for every free dating website you can find and agree to go out with every person who asks to meet you?

Christopher Gutierrez did just that by sitting across from more than 1,000 strangers. In your hands lies an uplifting and empowering study of modern dating. Spanning two decades, Gutierrez identifies the frustrations we all experience, and provides tangible and realistic solutions for messy and confusing love lives. With abrasive honesty, these 101 stories and essays will help navigate dating roadblocks, define romantic ambiguity, and make the pain of break-ups tolerable. You will never see dating, relationships, and break-ups the same way again. Through the insight and knowledge gained from meeting more than 1,000 strangers, Gutierrez ultimately answers the question:

How would 1000 strangers change you?

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