Maybe He’ll Grow Out Of It


A collection of 45 outlandish stories of youthful idealism

Years ago, Christopher Gutierrez impulsively quit his job to embark on a self-imposed journey of poverty and romantic idealism. He wrote some books and traveled around the world, begging people to buy his art. A terminally fluctuating bank account and an extreme lack of security provide for a great desperation. Desperation is the fire for art and these stories are forged in that fire. Through 45 true stories of youth and all of its madness, Gutierrez takes you on a relatable rollercoaster journey of punk rock romanticism and childish wanderlust – from first kisses, to witnessing death, to the hilarity of dating, to the defeat of broken hearts, to running with bulls in Spain, to forging through mile 26 of the Chicago marathon. With an uncanny ability to connect with the reader, you will find a bit of yourself within these stories. His vulnerability will have you laughing out loud, pulling at your jaded heart and showing you that even the neighborhood troublemaker could grow up to open your eyes to the dark and ridiculous adventures of life.

Christopher Gutierrez – DXS012

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