The Imperfections of James and Kate


In dark basement poetry clubs, James self-destructs a little every night for beer and pizza money. His writing helps make sense of the overwhelming weight of insecurities on his back by pushing everything good away from him. That is, until the day he meets Kate – a struggling New York dancer, hopped up on

the passion of love songs, with eyes full of wanderlust. Together, they form an unlikely bond, fumbling their way into an unintentional romance. James fights against his demons of childhood neglect and disdain for an uncaring society, while Kate is desperate to find the secret to the question, “How do we make love last?” Along the way, they lose each other, find each other, and manage to ruin everything they have ever truly desired.

Co-authored by Christopher Gutierrez and Keltie Colleen. Fiction.

Christopher Gutierrez/Keltie Colleen – DXS016

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  1. Rebecca McMann


    From the intriguing, mysterious cover to the overview, the book has my attention. Ready, set, order, read. I cant wait.

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