The Little Things


I have been lucky enough to have had many influential women in my life and I have tried my best to honor them by paying attention. I want to understand what drives and motivates them. What it is that they have in common. To shine light on what we, as men, are culturally trained to ignore, dismiss, or belittle. To not generalize, but to better understand the differences between the sexes in order to become a better lover, boyfriend, eventual husband, and person.

The idea of, The Little Things, is to not only tell people that women demand to be seen as equals, appreciated for what they put back into the world, and feel the love that they have earned, but to demonstrate exactly what the “little things” are that most effectively go about communicating feelings and showing affection. It is a bridge, an emotional teacher’s manual full of answers, with 100 ways to put a genuine smile on the face of the woman you love.

* 3×5″ hardcover

Christopher Gutierrez – DXS013


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